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Saturday 26 April 2008

Coffee and keyboards

Well I can now state that spilling coffee into a laptop keyboard is not a good idea. Despite being cleaned out quickly, turned upside down, drained, and dried with a hair dryer on low, I can't get the damn thing to work any more.

And the trackpad is, at best, intermittant. I'm having to use an external USB keyboard and mouse just to use the laptop now - not quite so convenient any more.

It's only a 'cheap' medion laptop, bought from Woolworths some time back. I'm glad it wasn't my wife's Dell machine. (Twice the price but half the weight.)

Next thing to try is to clean all the connectors, I guess. The keyboard was sort of working (if you can accept long strings of n's in your posts) before I disconnected it to dry it off further.


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  • Just a quick follow up - I got the keyboard working by judicious use of a contact cleaner spray and much praying... :-)

    By Blogger rob, At 14 May 2008 at 00:41  

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