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Sunday 20 April 2008

"What I Did on My Holidays"

OK, I think it's time I gave a list of some of the few computer related things I've got on the boil at the moment. Apart from this blog, anyway. This is an incomplete list..

The Streamlist - an attempt to produce a website hosting a list of live video streaming servers, which will actually monitor them and ensure that the list is kept up to date. Intended to integrate with a plugin for XBMC, or however you wish to view them.

I've got an OpenWRT based router that I'm trying to configure up to replace the firebrick I'm currently using. Only because the firebrick has a max throughput of about 6.5Mbps, and I've got almost 18Mbps of available external bandwidth on two ADSL lines.. The tricky bit is trying to get my head around the firewall and routing under linux. (I've only really played with FreeBSD before.)

I'm working on business idea for a telephone based service that will necesitate getting my head around asterisk configuration files. I've got a trixbox server running all the household telephony, but the FreePBX GUI configuration isn't flexible enough for what I want to do.

I keep meaning to backup and catalogue all my old BBC Micro software, bulletin board data, and other miscalaneous files. I spent ten years writing software and using the Beeb, so there's a fair bit to sort out. I did manage to restore a fileserver backup onto an A5000 and get a two station econet up and running on my desk, but it's moving on from here that's taking some getting around to..

I run a website devoted to solving the puzzles featuring on UK TV Quiz Channels. Of which there are no dedicated channels left, so it's a little quiet there now.

And I'm over a year behind on updating the photos on our baby daughter's website! (Oh and looking after her and the family takes the majority of my time!)

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