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Monday 19 May 2008

Dust Devil

Aside from the numerous benefits of owning a dog (companionship, early warning of postmen, unconditional love..) there are a few disadvantages.. (eaten post, always under your feet to trip you up..)

Today it was time to spring clean the bedroom. Whilst it's had it's regular tidy ups and hoovering, today I decided that the mountain of boxes, computer parts, discs and miscellaneous junk under the bed needed shifting. Here was the other doggy disadvantage. The thin layer of dust was joined by a positive snowdrift of dog hair. The Dyson did a sterling job on 95% of it, but it's been a struggle getting the last bits up. I swear the carpet is made of the same stuff they make Velcro from.

Now to fill up all the space I've made with boxes from elsewhere.. Tidying up is never ending..

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