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Saturday 7 June 2008

More Sky Broadband Mutterings

Here is a list of responses from Sky Technical Support with regard to my contention that there is a bug in the latest v1.3.87 firmware that was not present in the previous version:

Please verify if the Sky Broadband Router has been upgraded with the new version of firmware.

The problem would appear to be the IP address this should be (this was because I was describing the various subnets..)

I have escalated your problem to our fault management team for a solution, they will reply direct to you.No they didn't.

I have today replaced your broadband router which should be with you in 5 days. It was. On the old version. Whch worked fine, until this one upgraded itself too.

Until we know for definite that the same problem has occurred again then I wouldn't like to pin point the cause at this moment in time.

I have looked into this for and I have been advised to ask that you change the subnet on the other system to match with your system that connects.Oh, so I mess up my network to accomodate you? Even if I could. I've got things on seperate subnets for a reason!

We appreciate you pointing out this possible flaw with our new firmware. As you can imagine, this is a flaw that would not affect the majority of our customers, and as such, we were not aware of any possible issues. I have passed the details of this issue to our testing team, who will attempt to replicate the issue you are experiencing, and hopefully, find a resolution to this issue. However, due to the nature of firmware updates, it may be some time before a fix is in place. As a workaround to this issue, you can try connecting another router to your Sky router via an ethernet cable, and then make all the necessary adjustment to the second router. In theory, the Sky router would be used simply as a modem, and the second router would manage all your firewall rules. Ah, someone who appears as if they know what they are talking about. Unfortunately I can't just use the sky router "as a modem"..

So I asked for the source, which they have to supply under the GPL:
The source code for the firmware you are asking for cannot be given out over the telephone or in an email. However I am including the address you can write to regarding this matter.

Sky Broadband will only work with the Sky Broadband Box that we provided to you. We have launched our service in this way so that we can provide the best technical support should you have any problems.ROFLMAO

I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and any misunderstanding.
I have read all your comments that you have made and I like to address all areas of your queries:
1. Q. Your query relate to a daisy chain network.
1. A. As your queries relate to specialised area of expertise, Sky Broadband will only work with the Sky Broadband Box that we provided to you. We have launched our service in this way so that we can provide the best technical support should you have any problems.
2. Q. The upgrade of the firmware software version V1.02.28 to the current version 1.03.87.
2. A. In a situation where this sort of automation helps to maintain consistency, the application of security patches commonly occurs in this manner. This is part of the update to fix problems with a computer program or its supporting data; this also includes fixing bugs, replacing graphics and improving the usability or performance.
3. Q. (You’re aware, of course, that you have to publish the source for anything produced using existing GPL code.)
3. A. Our Programmers publish and apply patches in various forms. Because proprietary software authors withhold their source code, their patches are distributed as binary executables instead of source. This type of patch modifies the program executable the program the user actually runs either by modifying the binary file to include the fixes or by completely replacing it. Proprietary software has restrictions on use or private modification or with restrictions judged to be excessive on copying or publishing of modified or unmodified versions. These restrictions are enforced by either legal or technical means.
4. Q. I think this categorically proves now that there is a bug in the new firmware you are auto-upgrading. I know that this will not affect the majority of your users, however it is still a fault and it is affecting us.
4. A. As part of your terms and conditions of signing up to Sky broadband, you agreed to use our hardware that we supplied. For information on Sky Broadband Terms and Conditions please visit our website on the following link:
In full we do not allow open discussion on this area in any department with in the company and we are unable to furnish you with the information you require as explained above, we have now closed this case.

Did any of those Answers match the Questions? Did any of that make any sense at all? Either way, they seem not to want to talk to me any more. Strange that I've never heard from either of the other teams that my query was supposedly forwarded to.

Oh, and netgear don't want to provide the GPL sources instead; they say Ask Sky..

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