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Monday 9 March 2009

Random BeebEm Thoughts

Following talks at Byte-Back I have set myself  two tasks to accomplish.  

  1. Adjust BeebEm's econet support to talk (optionally?) in AUN format, so it can talk directly to e.g. an A5000 running an econet fileserver, or simply via such as a gateway to other Beebs on the far side.  
    ..Hmm.. What happens if you are running tcp-over-econet on the emulated B?
    ..use mapping file like in RISC OS rather than current econet.cfg file?
    ..can real AUN talk to alternate port numbers, or will we be limited to one instance per IP address? - can we bind to individual addresses if host has multiples?

  2. Implement another serial device "hayes modem" that will actually talk IP.  It looks like I can lever 'tcpser' to do the job - this is a GPL'd serial modem emulator which normally sits between a serial port and an IP network. I think if I modify this to talk via a pipe to BeebEm instead of to a serial port, this would do everything we need to accept and initiate telnet sessions without re-inventing the wheel!  On the BeebEm side, just need to bolt pipe code in alongside the touch-screen code..
    ..need to think about multiple-instances and how they behave.

(Since its over 4 years since I wrote the first econet code, it's high time I finished it... Thanks to Mike Wyatt for taking it and making it work properly.)

other things to think about -

  • headless operation - disable all screen and sound output - incorporate vnc server instead
    ..encourage unix version to do offer same...

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