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Wednesday 24 June 2009

Copying files between machines...

I'v almost got the BeebEm AUN Emulation working... but I wanted a copy of the Map file from the A5000 on the (windows) laptop. Now I'd previously played with trying to get ftp, samba and nfs servers working, but failed miserable. So how did I do it?

Run BeebEm and log it into the econet fileserver on the A5000, which still has $ as ADFS::IDEDisc4:$.

Created a new SSD file in drive 0, and un-write protected it.

*DIR $.!Boot.Resources.!Internet.Files
*Info AUNMap
(gave me length of file as 6E3 bytes)
*Load AUNMap 1B00
*Save AUNMap 1B00+6E3

Ejected the disc, loaded it into DFS Explorer, dragged the file out to my desktop.

Simple ...

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