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Tuesday 7 July 2009

Miscellaneous Rants.

ok. I'm going to withdraw my custom from Sainsburys for the forseable future. I'm usually in there every day, for one thing or another, and spend about £150 a week!! But they peed me off last night. Closed the kiosk early, and lied about the time. That was just the last straw - there are loads of issues I have with them, but it was their "couldn't care less" attitude last night that was just too much for me. I've submitted a complaint to their careline, and we'll see if anything happens.

Two. I want to finish my work on BeebEm's AUN implementation. But Immediate operations and broadcasts aren't working. So I need to sniff some more network traffic between the real machines. Except the laptop I did it with last time won't stay on long enough to even boot without restarting.

Three. So I get back the laptop I lent out ages ago, and it comes back sans-PSU and with a completly dead hard disc, that looks like it might not even be the one I lent it out with. Brilliant. Not. Sacrifice the disc from an external drive to get the machine up and running, and reload Win2K. Now all I need are the drivers for the hardware. Which I had all nice and safe. On a seperate partition on the original hard disc. Argh. And it's an unbranded machine that I can't find diddly-squat about on the net, so it's gonna be an absolute pig to get sorted out. Just so I can use it for five minutes.. I might have to drag this one upstairs :-(

Four. Toddlers that wait exactly 25 minutes after you get to bed, just to make sure that you are actually asleep, before waking up and demanding milk...(actually, she's rather cute which more than makes up for this one..)

Five. Pets that seem to demand more and more care... What the hell am I supposed to do now the terrapins have gone and laid an egg in the corner of the tank?!

Six. Twitter. What's the hype?! Even XBMC now has a script to 'tweet' what you're watching at the time... I know what mine would say: Numberjacks, Bob the builder, Fimley the fire engine. See, it's not even me watching it most of the time..! (Thank goodness for the BBC iPlayer plugin!) Seriously, though, does anybody WANT to know what I'm doing from minute to minute each day - I don't know myself most of the time. I certainly don't have time to stop and tell the world..

Seven. Blog entries that ramble on about all sorts of crap.. oh, that's me. Drat.

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