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Thursday 24 June 2010

Packard Bell Diamond 1200 plus scanner and Windows 7

Just a little post to help anybody else in the same situation.

I picked up this little scanner at a car boot sale at the weekend. It's an old one, only 600dpi as best I can tell, but it's small and light and USB powered, so handy to use quickly when sat on the sofa on the laptop, and when all I want to do is scan documents rather than photographs.

Packard bell's drivers, however, only work on XP or lower, and the laptop is on Windows 7; the disc I got with it refused to load, and windows couldn't find any drivers on it.

Much digging about on the internet however found a reference to somebody using an HP 1200 scanner driver, but that didn't work for me. Somebody else said it was a re-badged Mustek "BearPaw" scanner. Now that makes sense, given the layout of the buttons on it! Sure enough, the 2008 BearPaw 1200CU Plus drivers worked just fine! Indeed, windows actually told me that was what the scanner was, rather than my having to force it.




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