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Thursday 30 March 2017

Retrochallenge 2017/04

OK... after only a few years* hiding away, I've put myself in for this again.

I've set a much smaller goal this time; something I think I can achieve, instead of something I want to achieve!  This is, I think, an important difference.  I got nowhere the last two times, mostly because I was a bit too ambitious for the limited time available to me.  (I've only sort of partially achieved the "tidy the cable nest" of 2012, and never did get anywhere with the dial-up thing from 2013.)

So this year's goal:  Write something that will allow browsing a (static) viewdata database from a web browser for use with the new Wordpress-based  I have a browser already, but it's a bit clunky and not very easy to incorporate into anything else.  So a nice re-write is in order, whereby I can take advantage of "modern technologies" like javascript and AJAX calls, to make the effect more seamless, and I intend to "borrow" the code behind and the teletext-browser version thereof to make things easier..

If I can do that, I might try and finish off enough of the new version of the website to actually launch it, but no promises!!

* - Four.

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