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Friday 14 April 2017

Retrochallenge Day 14

A little more work today.

The teletext viewer javascript currently expects to find the entire teletext service held within the html of the web page as encoded links.  This is great for a static archive, as it places very little load on the webserver.

I had created a quick bit of php that could construct the html page when loaded, which was the source of the pages I linked to last time.  This is all well and good, but does not help with the sort of interactive services I would like to use the viewdata version for.

So today's work has been adding functionality to request pages from a server, thus allowing for ever-changing pages to be served up instead.  This involved not only modifying the JavaScript, but writing a server in php to deliver the requested pages.   This also brought out some previously unnoticed limitations in my viewdataviewer class, which I was using to parse the stored data serverside.

So, the class has had some fixes added, server written, and viewer updated.  You can play with it here, although there isn't actually anything dynamic on it at the moment.  Subpages aren't quite working right yet, but most of the rest is!

(I did break the first demo, btw, in case you were reading yesterday's post today, when I fixed a "bug" in the class file, but hadn't removed the work-around in the html generator!  It's fixed, now!)

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