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Tuesday 30 May 2017

Trying hard

It's six weeks since my dad died.  It's been .... difficult.

Then the suicide bomber at Manchester Arena last week.  Targeting kids, and the parents waiting to pick them up.  Kids!  One casualty was only 8!!

Saffie Rose Roussos
My daughter is 10.  Had her music tastes been different, it's possible we would have been there - she reports one of the kids in her class actually was at the concert; school sent round a letter saying several pupils had been there, but all were safely accounted for.  It's only a couple of miles away, I saw some of the ambulances rushing in that night!

So that hit me hard.  I spent the next few days feeling stunned. Shell-shocked, I guess.  Fighting back tears all the time.  Just like most people in the area!  I've been glued to the TV News, glued to Twitter, had local radio on in the car and kitchen... watching the local paper websites..  It does seem that the Police have a handle on things, which is gratifying, and they are making progress tracking down all those whom have connections with the bomber.

To try and recover, I've tried throwing myself at various unrelated projects. Here are some of them -

  • Finishing the stuff I started for Retrochallenge..
  • Cataloguing and Imaging the vast number of BBC Micro floppies I have
  • Adding BBC Micro SSD/DSD/ADx image support to TC4Shell
  • Getting a VPN client working on my Sophos UTM 9 firewall
  • Planning content for the new (but not yet writing any..)
  • and watching some TV!  (Well, netflix..) Normally I hardly ever watch TV..

Each works for a bit, then I get distracted, interrupted, or just dispirited.  So I swap to something else. Right now, I don't feel up to doing any of them..  I've tried ignoring the news this evening, as there's not been anything new anyway.. but that's not helped either.

Strangely, Mr Biffo wrote a piece this week that resonated with me. It's one of the reasons I'm writing this... I was hoping it would help.

I'm not much of a sharer.. this is new to me,  So, I'm going to leave this here. If anyone wants to jump in help with any of those projects, feel free to get in touch.  Apart from watching Telly - the Mrs is happy to do that with me!

Stay safe, people.  Love you all.

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